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muvaffaqiyat 100%

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€ 479000 Maks CashOut
Qo'shimcha bonus: 140 BEPUL TUG'ILGAN zoom Thunderkick Slot o'yini

€ 150 turniri Yangilandi: Iyun 21, 2014 Muallif: Ker Hayhurst
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"150 turnirida" javoblar "

  • Morie Tilman
    Morie Tilman

    @dhan I know what you mean but it seems t be that the casinos very rarely, if ever hand out a true NDB anymore or at least you will at some point have to deposit to claim it. IMO unless it is a match type code or one that requires a specific deposit amount and it is for those who at some time have deposited it could be referred to as a NDB. Since AQSH cannot play here, not quite sure about floppy&’s comment but maybe she saw some info somewhere that I didn&’t see about this one requiring a deposit at the time you claim it? I think if all Sydney used were true NDB;s now, the way things are there would be no codes or very few of them. I imagine there are a lot of deposits out there that can make use of these codes

  • Rodge Kolfer
    Rodge Kolfer

    Xayrli tong

  • Luciano Eagan
    Luciano Eagan

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