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muvaffaqiyat 100%

66x bahs
€ 72000 Maksimal pul olish
Qo'shimcha kazino bonusi: € Dragonlardagi 570 BEPUL CASINO CHIP

Evro 125 Bepul Casino Chipta Yangilandi: Mart 28, 2011 Muallif: Lek Marucci
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"Eur-125-Free Casino Chipta" ga javoblar

  • Sven Deskin
    Sven Deskin

    woot woot!

  • Rikki Poulin
    Rikki Poulin

    Kuningizni rohatlaning

  • Emilio Nierenberg

    Post uchun rahmat.

  • Corbie Vayda
    Corbie Vayda

    @floppy I see tito&’s answer to you above, and that is one way it happens, but I see shared credit on others too that don&’t have ‘say 2 casinos&’ to be shared. It&’s only one casino. I don&’t know either how that happens when Syd said first person is awarded&;and basically, there is no exact time&;seconds get involved somehow, b/c I have shared the same time on a submission but did not get credit and told it must have been the seconds. So beats me on how those get done like that.