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The FIFA World Cup final is coming, but another decisive match between Croatia and England is about to take place before the last battle. These teams have already met on the field seven times, having brought them one draw, four victories to the English team, and two wins to Croatia. Now they will meet at the Luzhniki stadium to determine who deserves reaching the final the most. For both teams this is a huge breakthrough, and the fight for the main FIFA trophy will definitely be tense. Do not miss the game on July 11th at 18:00 GMT and support your favorite team with all your heart with our gift:

Sizning hisobingizda hozir mavjud, uni yoqish uchun:
1. Futbolchining profiliga kiring.
2. Kassirda o'zingizning sovg'angizni tanlang.
3. Bir dollar / evro 20 depozitini yarating.
4. Shoot a penalty.

Xorvatiya - Angliya uchrashuvida 10 evro jarima Yangilandi: Iyul 13, 2018 Muallif: Damon
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